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MomsCo is a 501c3 Nonprofit providing education for High Risk Pregnancy and NICU mothers during their hospital bedrest and beyond.


Our members share their passions with us, by becoming subject matter experts to develop virtual educational and/or entertaining course modules accessible our clients. We find the connections between your business, your passion, or the experience you need to gain while creating a resource library to help a mother find calm on her healing journey as a High Risk Pregnancy Patient, in the NICU and beyond.  


Whether your passion and professional goal are to market your business, obtain new customers, obtain your dream job, explore a new career field, or teach others about community service, we invite you to join us.

What is the NICU?

The NICU is the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit equipped and staffed to provide intensive care to dangerously ill or premature newborn babies.  The NICU Mother routine consists of daily NICU visits to care for their sick preemie, while they go home childless. 

Once their NICU warrior graduates, they may need to spend extra time to bond with their child, manage their child's special needs, and their own feelings of grief and guilt.


With extended career breaks, returning to their career and navigating their new schedules, can be more challenging especially if their journey began with an extended stay in a high risk pregnancy unit. We are here to help them find calm during their healing journey and support them to reach professional and personal growth.

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As an entrepreneur you have a clear understanding of your niche, but condensing that information into a UX friendly framework, identifying the knowledge and skills your audience needs to feel confident purchasing from you, and providing applicable results to create transformations can be overwhelming.  Designing strong courses for those without a background in Instructional Design can take hundreds of hours on top of the full time job you already work.  No matter if your currently a coach, consultant, entrepreneur or teacher, designing your first digital course can take precious time that you do not have.


Instead, why don’t you let our MomsCo Instructional Design team, course strategists, and marketing strategists bring your vision to life so you can focus your time on your area of expertise and serving your niche while you pay it forward.  

We utilize all of your gifts to design creative, sellable resources for you, and we store a copy of that resource available to High Risk Pregnancy and NICU Mothers to access at no charge.  


The NICU Bench

Where the design, inspiration, and coaching work is done with our Small Business Owner Community

Testimonial & Awards

"MomsCo is an amazing organization!  
Hannah Lane is responsive, passionate, and a great leader."

Julie C.

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