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NICU Mom Returnships

Rediscover your Power
Redefine your Story

Empowering High-Risk Pregnancy Moms to Transform Life Challenges into Career Advancements—One Tailored Volunteer Project at a Time.

Elevate Your Journey, Lift Another

1. Empowering Aspirations: Utilizing a meticulously vetted resource library, we empower mothers by providing the knowledge and tools they need to turn visions into reality, fostering a sense of achievement and independence in their professional journey.


2. Building Resilience: Through our focus on curated, expert-approved resources, we help mothers build resilience, equipping them to navigate the unique challenges they face and emerge stronger, more confident, and ready to thrive in their endeavors.


3. Cultivating Generosity: Embedding a ‘pay-it-forward’ ethos at our core, we foster a culture of giving, where the sharing of resources, knowledge, and experiences create a ripple effect, amplifying our impact and contributing to the collective success of all members.


Become a MomsCo Angel and actively contribute to projects that align with your expertise. By sharing your insights, you're not only uplifting others but also gaining access to our resource library and community covering everything from Leadership to Social Media Marketing. 


After successfully completing 3 projects with us, you'll "earn your wings" and become eligible for specialized marketing opportunities and strategic plans tailored to your needs. 


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MomsCo Angel Wings-2.png

Become an Angel

Your Sanctuary,
Your Strength, Your Success

  • Be Our Product Guru:

    • Test exclusive products and services, providing invaluable feedback to help shape what it means to be a Mighty Mom

  • AI-Powered Success:

    • Utilize AI-driven prompts and consulting tools to stay ahead of the curve in this fast-evolving tech world

  • Unleash Creativity:

    • Monthly Art Challenges let you weave creativity into your professional growth.

  • Showcase Your Talent:

    • Audition live utilizing the visual, literal, or performing arts, and unlock access to our exclusive MomsCo Live Program add-on.

  • Pitch Perfect:

    • Get real-world business support in leadership, sales, and marketing through our MomsCo Shark Tank feedback posts.

  • Shape The Future:

    • Your input directly influences our programs, helping us create offerings that empower moms in their comeback journey.

  • AI-Strategize Your Business:

    • Unlock premium content to strategically market your business with the power of AI.

  • Unlock Access to our Programs with additional Marketing Support & Strategic Plans to help you implement your professional Goals.

MomsCo Programs:

Empowering Lives Through Every Stage

MomsCo Live:  Provide the Healing Power of the Arts (Performances, Tutorials for Hospitalized Pregnant Mothers, Babies in the NICU, and Parents  


MomsCo Love: A Sanctuary for the Soul (Email Drip for Pregnancy & Infant Loss)

MomsCo Kids:  Collectible Cards for Kindness, Internships for our Joey's, and support 


MomsCo Med: Transformative Mental Health Support (Digital Products, Counseling Services, Flash Technique)

MomsCo Living: Shower or Be Showered with Knowledge from our Resource Library for our Baby Showers for High Risk Pregnancy Moms on hospital bedrest.

Mighty Mom:  Tailored strategic plans, dedicated coaching, and robust marketing support to launch your dream business, alongside a nurturing community and specialized resources for those who have faced challenges of High Risk Pregnancy, NICU, Infant Loss, Birth Trauma, and PTSD, fueling both personal and professional triumphs.

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Join MomsCo
Board of Directors

At MomsCo, we're building a future where NICU moms thrive. Are you a trailblazer, a community builder, or a mover and shaker? We want you on our Board of Directors.

Diverse & Inclusive: We celebrate all backgrounds and experiences. If you've got passion and a history of community impact, let’s talk.


Your Expertise Matters: With a knack for nonprofit leadership, your insights will guide MomsCo's strategy, expanding our reach and enhancing our support for NICU moms.


Shape Our Journey: As a board member, be at the helm of innovation, molding programs that genuinely resonate and uplift.

Become a catalyst for change with us. Together, we'll redefine the narrative for NICU moms, empowering them to flourish.

Ready to transform lives?


"MomsCo was started with a dream that a mom's support group could be more than a social group.  MomsCo provides a community for those in all stages of motherhood, including for when they are facing the challenge of returning to the workforce after a career gap. Through their volunteer leadership positions within their organization, they help them prepare for interviews, update their skills and nurture their professional development..."

Pay It Forward Tuesdays


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