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Welcome to MomsCo, a dedicated 501(c)(3) nonprofit empowering entrepreneurs and supporting high-risk pregnancy moms. Our mission is to transform your innovative ideas into digital products, offering a unique blend of design support, marketing leverage, and skill development. With MomsCo, embark on a lower cost, high-impact entrepreneurial journey, where every digital creation contributes to nurturing mothers in need. Join us in our commitment to blend creativity with compassion, driving change one digital masterpiece at a time.

A Story of Challenge, Resilience & Strength

Bridging Business and Maternal Challenges

At MomsCo, we understand that as a small business owner, you have big dreams of standing out with unique, impactful products. You want a product that's not just there, but one that really succeeds in the market. The challenge? Even with great industry knowledge, turning that into a product people really want isn't easy.

Did you know that according to studies by Oberlo, SEMRush, and 99Firms, half of small businesses don't make it past their first year? And 42% fail simply because there's no demand for their products.

But imagine if your expertise could help grow your business and support a meaningful cause. We're here to make that happen. We bring together your knowledge with our design and marketing skills. Together, we'll create digital products that not only help moms at high risk but also truly connect with your customers.

Our Programs

Marketing and Instructional Design Support for YOU

Angel Embraces for our Moms

Dance Performance
Holding Hands
Home Tutoring
Red Carpet Event

Award-Winning Empowerment:
Navigating Motherhood and Career with MomsCo’s Support

"MomsCo was started with a dream that a mom's support group could be more than a social group. MomsCo provides a community for those in all stages of motherhood, including for when they are facing the challenge of returning to the workforce after a career gap. Through their volunteer leadership positions within their organization, they help them prepare for interviews, update their skills and nurture their professional development...".​
Pay it Forward Tuesdays
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