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We're excited that you're thinking about joining our group of NICU mothers on their quest to resume their careers. Your entry point to intriguing opportunities and the next step towards a rewarding professional future is this page.

Career Return
MomsCo Team
NICU Mom Career Support

Corporate Returnship

Have you thought about returning to Corporate after NICU? Have you struggled with outdated skills​, the stigma of long term unemployment in Interviews, Network Decay, Gaps in your Resume, Competition and Employer Preferences... then we may have the perfect solution for YOU.  We have a Corporate Returnship Program offering you a customized JOB with us, tailored for the experience you need to gain to fill a skills gap.  Your successfully completed project will help another NICU Mom fulfill a task. Restrictions and Guidelines will Apply.  

NICU Mom Career Support
The Mighty Mom Program


Nonprofit board members are typically volunteers who bring a diverse range of skills, expertise, and perspectives to the organization. They are responsible for setting policies, establishing goals, and providing oversight to the organization's management and staff. They are also responsible for ensuring that the organization operates in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, and that it uses its resources in a manner that is consistent with its mission and values.

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