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Sponroship Levels

Sponsorship Levels
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Pay it Forward with Us

You share your passion with us, and we share our passion with you.  Together, we create a product that works for High Risk Pregnancy and NICU Moms.  The funds for your sponsorship allow us to keep the lights on and provide the latest tech for our clients.  It's imparitive that all opportunities align with MomsCo's mission and values, without compromising our integrity, so each application submitted by our Sponsor members will be thoroughly vetted after you've paid for Membership.


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MomsCo Team

MomsCo Live

Are you a Performing Artist and seeking your American Idol moment virtually?  Well, we have an opportunity just for you for ALL of the performing arts community. 

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Lead Magnet

Lead magnets can be effective strategies for businesses to generate leads and build email lists when the lead magnet is high quality, and provides something of value to your niche.  Why not allow an Instructional Designer assist you with that design?  You become our Subject Matter Expert, and we design something that will entertain, inspire, or connect a bed rested High Risk Pregnancy client or a Mom currently in the NICU?

Lead Magnet Examples