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Get Exclusive Access:  

Unlock unique experiences like MomsCo Live, MomsCo Living, and more.


Monthly Art Challenges:  

Show off your art and enjoy marketing opportunities.


Premium Newsletter:  

Stay updated with AI trends, career tips, and leadership insights.


Be Our SME:  

Engage in our interactive game courses and provide us invaluable feedback


Community Benefits:  

Grow your startup with our unique marketing platform.


Showcase Opportunities:  

Audition in our Creative Tank and let the community vote on your work for access into one of our programs with marketing opportunities

Join, Learn, and Grow:  

Perfect for small business owners looking to elevate their brand and expertise.



  • Angel

    Membership Term (October 1- December 1)
    Valid for 9 weeks
    • 1 Gallup Strength Assessment for you & a NICU Mom
    • Access to our Community & Resource Library
    • Google Suite, Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Drive, Docs, Sheets
    • Participate in Monthly Art Challenges
    • Play Shark Tank & Dive Deeper with your Content with AI
    • Help empower our NICU Moms to Realize Their Dreams
    • Customizable Canva Business Plan Template
    • Earn your wings & Unlock Access to apply for our Programs


Digital Marketing Mastery:

   - Understanding a Sales Funnel Stages

   - Crafting a Mission Statement

   - KPI's & Metrics with Google Analytics

   - Analysis & Integration

   - Website Content Tips using AI Prompts

   - DIY LinkedIn Optimization with AI Prompts

   - Unlocking the Art of Subtle Selling

   - Master the Art of Selling through Instagram Stories

   - Facebook Live Checklist

   - Unlock the Power of Story Telling

   - Crafting an Effective Email utilizing AI (Email Marketing)

   - Unlock your Online Presence; Proven Strategies to Skyrocket Your Web Presence

   - Unlock the Power of Google My Business

   - Comprehensive Instagram Audit Checklist

   - Unlock the Power of Zero Cost Marketing- Innovative Strategies outside of Social Media to Skyrocket Your Business without Spending a Dime.


AI and Technology Insights:

   - List of Cutting Edge AI Tools

   - Developing a Content Strategy

   - Leveraging AI Prompts for Optimized Content and LinkedIn Presence

Entrepreneurial Success and Startup Strategy:

   - The First 30 Days Checklist (Startups)

   - Know Your Worth and Articulate Your Economic Value

   - Leveraging Your Network for a Startup Launch

   - Transitioning from Fixed to Growth Mindset

   - Autopilot Earnings: 100 Digital Ideas to Fuel Your Passive Income Dreams

   - Unleash Your Inner Champion: Transform from Passive Participant to Active Architect of Your Business


Financial Wellness and Empowerment:

   - Empower Your Finances: The Ultimate Roadmap to Financial Wellness and Debt-Free Living!


Innovative Product Development and Selling:

   - How to Find Trending Digital Products on Etsy

   - Unlocking Digital Success: Step-by-Step Blueprint to Launching Your Online Course Business on a Shoestring Budget


Personal Development and Healing:

   - Empowerment through Healing: A Project Charter for Developing a Self-Healing Journal for Moms with PTSD

Joey Compressed .png

MomsCo Kids
Our Joey's

Nourish the Future, One "Joey" at a Time


Just like a baby kangaroo, or "Joey," finds warmth, safety, and nurturing in its mother's pouch, our preemie babies are our own little Joeys—small but resilient, thriving under devoted care. We recognize the unique challenges premature children face, and our internship program is specifically tailored to help them leap forward, stronger and ready for the world.


Your Growth, Our Commitment


At MomsCo, we are more than a nonprofit; we are a sanctuary of opportunity, development, and empowerment. Our Internship Program offers an unparalleled experience, aligning with your educational objectives while simultaneously fulfilling high school or college internship requirements.


Why Choose the MomsCo Internship Program


1. Hands-On Experience: Dive into real-world challenges and solutions, building your skill set and confidence.


2. Professional Development: Benefit from our robust curriculum, including career-enhancing workshops, mentorship, and skill-building exercises.


3. Personalized Support: Your journey is our priority. Receive dedicated guidance, mentorship, and performance evaluations, paving the way for your success.



Exclusive Resources You Won't Find Anywhere Else


  •   Career Workbooks: Designed to facilitate your growth, offering industry insights and career planning tips. 

  •   Customized Roles: Discover a role within MomsCo that resonates with your strengths and career aspirations.

  •   Job Resources: Your dream job is not a dream anymore. Access our curated job listings and career resources.

  •   Essential Software Tools: Elevate your skills with access to industry-standard tools, fostering professional proficiency.


We invite all Joey's their support teams to Join Us & Make an Impact


Thrive in a supportive environment, designed specifically for our precious Joeys. This is not just an internship; it’s an investment in your future—a journey of transformation that starts with a single step. Enrollment for this life-changing opportunity closes soon. 


Fulfill, Develop, and Succeed—The MomsCo Way.


Lets expand Joey's potential. Together, let's give our preemies the robust start they deserve.

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