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From Esthetician to Inspirational Writer in Nashville

Picture of hanging watch antiques.

I'm always excited to meet new faces and hear their unique stories, so let me kick things off by introducing myself - then I'd love to hear about you! I'm Christina, a writer based in the vibrant city of Nashville, TN, and a former Esthetician. My writing journey began five years ago, inspired by my therapist who believed my remarkable story deserved to be shared. The idea of writing my memoir has been a dream since I was 12. Along this self-taught path, I've recently joined a college writing class and also explored public speaking. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and I'm eager to continue learning!

A little-known fun fact about me: I have a passion for collecting quaint, unique ceramic houses and antique ornate keys. My life has been quite an adventure, having moved 21 times with my family. Some of my favorite things include the soft hue of light pink, indulging in turkey Publix subs loaded with black olives and dill pickles, admiring the talent of actor Tom Hiddleston, and reveling in all things Halloween and Pumpkin Spice.

Additionally, I'm a devoted animal lover, a die-hard Taylor Swift fan, and a big admirer of 'The Golden Girls' – Betty White is a treasure! These interests paint a vivid picture of who I am, blending my personal quirks with my professional aspirations. Tell me a little about you in the comments.


Micro Preemie Warrior

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