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Supporting High Risk Pregnancy Moms during Hospital Bedrest

Being on bedrest due to a high-risk pregnancy can be one of the most challenging times for expecting mothers. The unfamiliarity of the hospital environment combined with worries about their baby's health can make this period daunting. But with the right words of encouragement and a thoughtful approach, friends and family can bring comfort to these brave mothers. At MomsCo, we understand the unique needs of expecting moms on bedrest, and this guide aims to empower you with ways to support them.

Emotional Well-being During High-Risk Pregnancy Bedrest

A high-risk pregnancy bedrest can be a roller coaster of emotions. The dreams of nesting at home, setting up the nursery, and enjoying the pregnancy glow get temporarily replaced with hospital beds and medical jargon. As a support system, acknowledging these emotions is crucial.

Listening and Validating Emotions:

Understand that an expecting mom on bedrest is facing a mix of anticipation, anxiety, and vulnerability. Instead of dismissing her concerns, genuinely listen. Encourage her to share her feelings and fears. Avoid offering unsolicited advice, and provide a safe space for her to express herself.

Choosing the Right Words:

While offering encouragement, be specific. Compliment her resilience, her patience, or even her optimistic moments. Phrases like, "Your strength during this time is inspiring," or "Every day you're getting closer to holding your little one," can be uplifting.

Woman on hospital bed looking at her phone with colorful flowers in vase, listening to headphones.

Creating a Comforting Hospital Room

Hospital rooms can feel impersonal. Consider making her space feel homier:

  • Bring familiar items like her favorite blanket or photographs.

  • Introduce elements that can brighten up her room, like soft lighting or a decorative pillow.

  • Consider gentle music or calming scents, ensuring they align with hospital policies.

Practical Ways to Support

Alongside words, actions matter:

1. Errands & Home Care:

Offer to help with chores or prepare her home for the baby.

2. Coordinate Visits:

Plan visits from close friends or family to ensure she has regular company, reducing feelings of isolation.

3. Comfort Items: A cozy robe, skincare products safe for pregnancy, or her favorite book can make a difference.

The Power of Gestures

Small gestures can offer big comfort:

  • Sending a heartfelt note: Share encouraging words and perhaps even stories of other moms who've triumphed over similar situations.

  • Providing resources: Offer reading material on positive birth stories after bedrest or introduce her to online communities where she can connect with other moms in the same boat.

Embracing the Journey of High-Risk Pregnancy

While a high-risk pregnancy bedrest can feel isolating, with the right support, expecting moms can navigate this period with resilience and hope. At MomsCo, we salute the strength of every mother facing this journey and encourage their circle of care to be their beacon of positivity. Let's rally around them with our words, actions, and heartfelt gestures.

Learn more about our Program and share your talents with us to help High Risk Moms.

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