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Transition Your Teaching Skills into a Rewarding Career in Instructional Design with MomsCo

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Embrace a New Professional Chapter with Confidence

At MomsCo, we’re excited to welcome former teachers who are ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of Instructional Design and Learning & Development. Our specially tailored 8-week curriculum is the bridge you've been looking for to transition from classroom teaching to roles in corporate training, e-learning, and instructional design.

Who Should Join?

This program is a perfect fit for moms who have dedicated years to teaching and are now seeking to channel their skills into the corporate world. If you've been nurturing young minds and are ready to expand your horizons, this is for you.

What Will You Discover?

Our comprehensive curriculum covers:

  • Analysis and Design: Master the art of conducting needs assessments and crafting engaging training programs.

  • Development and Technology: Harness tools like Google Suite to create impactful learning materials, aligned with the mission of MomsCo.

  • Implementation and Evaluation: Learn effective delivery and assessment of training programs.

Flexible Learning for Busy Moms

We understand the balancing act of motherhood and professional growth. That's why our program is online and flexible, designed to fit seamlessly around your family commitments.

Why MomsCo?

  • Skill Translation: We'll show you how to adapt your teaching skills for instructional design roles.

  • Empathetic Community: Join a network of peers who share your journey, offering support and shared experiences.

How Our Program Works

You’ll engage in practical assignments, collaborative projects, and reflective practices, all within a supportive online environment. This hands-on approach ensures you develop both the skills and confidence needed for a successful career shift.

Addressing Your Concerns

Worried about transitioning from the classroom to a corporate setting? We've tailored our program to ease your concerns:

  • Relevant Skill Development: Our training is designed to align your teaching experience with the demands of instructional design.

  • Career Support: Benefit from tailored resume building and job search strategies specific to this field.

  • Flexible and Practical Learning: Engage in real-world projects that are manageable alongside your responsibilities as a mom.

Begin Your Transformation with MomsCo

Rediscover professional fulfillment by leveraging your teaching experience in a new, flexible career path. Step into this exciting chapter with MomsCo by your side, offering the support and guidance you need.

Ready to Reimagine Your Career?

We're here to support your journey every step of the way. If you're ready to embrace this new professional adventure, email us at with your resume and a brief description of your teaching experience. Let’s embark on this fulfilling path together with MomsCo.

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