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Turning NICU Challenges into Our Family's Love for Books and Reading

Children's Book Our NICU Journey, tiny baby illustration in isolate with hands on babies hands

I want to take a moment to introduce myself! 

I am a total nerd! I love all things music, health, science, math and of course book related!  I have a degree in Health Promotion and Behavior and a degree in dental hygiene. I am also the mom to 3 NICU miracles!

We welcomed our twins at 28 weeks and endured the NICU for a gracious 78 days.  I was heartbroken to leave our girls at the hospital on discharge day and even more conflicted when we brought one girl home and left her sister for an additional 2 weeks.  I felt like the WORST MOM EVER.  Having them both home and moving across state lines on discharge day really changed my perspective and I became a stay at home mom.  

Two years later we added a son to the mix and experienced a journey through the NICU again.  I went through all of the stages of grief with this news in about 4 hours and once home safely, our family vowed to give back to the NICU community.

This stay at home mom of three, embraced writing and decided to encourage others through books.  I am the author of Our NICU Journey and One Step Behind and the face behind Reading Through the NICU.  Our company Little Ward Books encourages family literacy.  We collaborate with others to help hospitals build their NICU literary program, offer shared story time on social media, conduct book drives throughout the year, and assist with a yearly international NICU Read A Thon held every September for NICU Awareness Month.

We love to collaborate and share stories of hope and cannot wait to see this program continue to grow.  Grab your favorite book and join us on social media @ReadingThroughtheNICU.

Happy Reading,


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