MomsCo has a vision to provide all-encompassing support for moms in ALL stages of motherhood.
We are developing programs for moms in all walks of life. 
Feeling supported can mean socially, mentally, assistance with returning to work, leadership opportunities, the ability to make a difference in their community, networking, and so many other things to a mother.
Learn more about our current programs below.

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This social club is for moms who reside in Loudoun County or approved surrounding localities.

This includes: Northern VA, Northwestern VA, Eastern WV, and Southwestern MD.

Members enjoy in-person and virtual member only  events to create meaningful bonds, playgroups, discounted or free rates to public events, leadership opportunities, access to affordable small-business support, and access to affordable resume edits, skill-building, and more to help with returning to the workforce.

This virtual social club is for mom who reside outside of the Loudoun Area Membership boundaries, but  is nationwide for US residents.

Members enjoy virtual events to create meaningful connections with moms nationwide, volunteer opportunities, leadership opportunities, the ability to network with moms who own small businesses (who have access to afforable small business support,) moms looking to return to the workforce can network within the group or have access to affordable support like resume edits, skill-building opportunities, and more.

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This is considered an add-on to our membership program.

We are accepting limited spots currently as a soft-launch.

  • An opportunity to start a new chapter with us whether you are a SAHM wishing to return to the workforce, wishing to explore a new career field, or wishing to start in the workforce

  • Experience gained with all soft skills to include communication, collaboration, problem-solving, time management, critical thinking, decision-making, stress management and organization

  • Professional coaching, On- Demand Tutorials, Professional Resume Edits, LinkedIn Optimizations with templates, Career Consultations, and Customized Volunteer leadership positions to gain the experience needed to return to the workforce 

  • Resume Edits, Mock Interview Practices, 360 performance evaluation including upward Feedback exchanges, Portfolio Development, and canva templates for LinkedIn cover pages 



Social charity events held virtually and in-person: informative, educational and even inspirational guest speakers, virtual museum tours, field trips, curators, comedy shows, musicians, zoo tours, virtual paint and sips, floral design, in-store events, and cultural parties.
MomsCo is working on collaborations with all of these areas and more!

These events will celebrate a new culture each time with something we all love: FOOD!

Experience the food of a different culture while being immersed in its music, and learn along the way.

There will be kid-friendly activities offered as well for the whole family to bond!

These events hosted through MomsCo collect a portion of proceeds to donate to another local nonprofit in support of an inititive that helps moms, children, and families in our area.

In the past we have held comedy nights and donated to Mobile-Hope to help provide shelter to someone in crisis.

We are planning our calendar for 2022 to include a variety of live entertinment events!

Facebook Community providing educational, social and promotional opportunities for mothers.

The Facebook Group is FREE to join, Guest Speakers go live from a wide variety of professions to speak on topics that are informative, educational, or motivational. Should you choose to seek further information and support them and the services they offer-we are happy to get you connected!

We have already enjoyed speakers on topics like: Nutrition, fitness, children's books, personal hygiene, infant sleep, and more!

APPLY HERE to become a guest speaker.

View Upcoming Speakers on our Events Page.


Interactive playdates, fun for the whole family, to teach what it means to share, model generosity, praise the giving impulse, and make giving real.

Reggio and play-based educational outdoor activities for families. In-person and virtual opportunities.

Nurturing a love of nature.


Education & Health and Human Services

We have a licensed therapist who can support mothers in need of counseling on as-needed basis at a discounted or free rate (based on MomsCo's current availability to support those costs)

*Currently only available to moms in Virginia and Georgia.

View our MomsCo Med Page to apply to receive discounted or free counseling services.

Providing educational webinars for the public to speak directly with medical professionals about their questions in lieu of Moms Facebook Groups or becoming Doctor Google

MomsCo is seeking Counseling Services with licensed therapists to provide access to counseling support to mothers across the US, learn more.

*MomsCo Members will have exclusive access to heavily discounted rates for workshops in Self Care, Affirmations and Journaling.  



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Education & Quality of Life

Opportunities for collaboration and education in all things household for a mother such as recipes, nutrition, health coaching, organization, landscaping, interior design, fashion, etc.


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