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Did you know the Lead Magnet you’ve been postponing to create, is just one click away?  Not only do we support NICU Moms on their career support with the WorkPlace, but this opportunity is for everyone. 


Here's how it works:


✅ You submit an application and pay for the WorkPlace Hustler Gold Service

✅ We structure the idea and content you provide and assemble into Branded Canva Documents in a way that educates our Niche of Mothers on your area of expertise

✅ We write the content

✅ We add professional pictures

✅ We add it to our Website, Update the SEO's and track Google Analytics

✅ The beautiful document is published on our Featured Opt In Page, with an automated welcome email, your contact information, and a link directly to your website.  

(Otherwise known as a Sponsorship Option in the NonProfit Sector)


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